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Cottages-Vacation Rentals J.G. Kurkowie

Cottages-vacation rentals j. g. Kurkowie offers a self-contained cottage with two independent entrances, rentals for families wishing to spend a holiday in a cosy atmosphere.
The cottage is situated in a secluded location. Has an extensive, covered wooden terrace and safe and shaded place to park the car. There are rooms 2, 3 and 4 persons. In the House there are two bathrooms with shower, and a fully equipped kitchen available for all guests (cutlery, crockery, household appliances and TV), where you can prepare your own meals.
In the yard there is a possibility of barbecue equipment, there are also swings, tables and plenty of space where you can relax.
The property directly borders the forest, which, combined with the peaceful location of the cottage gives you full rest.
Our town is located in the heart of the Polish Jury, on the famous Route of the Eagles ' nests. Offers in the nearest destinations to see:-the ruins of castles: Olsztyn, Mirów, Ogrodzieniec, Sea, Rabsztyn-Jewish culture Trail in the Żarkach (Jewish cemetery, Jewish synagogue, architecture)-monastery at Jasna Góra, in St. Annie, the wooden church in Zrębicach-Pstrągarnia and the Palace of Raczynski family in the Golden Stream-caves: Wierzchowska and Succeeded in the National Park of Ojców near Krakow (about 60 km)

ulica 31
42-320 Mirów
Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
w mieście
Informacje ogólne
: agroturystyka
: brak
: +48 669647551
Miejsca noclegowe
: 2
: 9
: 1
: parking, tv/sat
: whole year

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Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful monuments on the Trail of Eagles' Nests. A monumental castle building lies on a hill. For some its shape resembles a boat. In spite of many years of being in ruins it is still fairly impressive. The Mirowska fortress is one of the oldest fortifications of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. We know that a stone watchtower was erected in the mid-fourteenth century, during the reign of Casimir the Great.
The Bobolice castle is located on a picturesque, rocky hill. It is one of the most famous fortresses lying along the Trail of the Eagles' Nests, in the center of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. The castle is situated less than a half hour walk from the twin fortress in Mirów. There are also trails for longer hikes towards the area of the Rzędkowice and Kroczycze Rocks and other attractive places in the Upland. The castle is an example of the building which after centuries of being a ruin was rebuilt in modern times.
Łutowiec is an inconspicuous village (formerly known as Oltowiec or Holtowiec). It is an old village, mentioned for the first time at the end of the fourteenth century. A medieval watchtower, of which remains have been preserved on one of the rock outcroppings, is one of the most mysterious objects of this kind in the Jura. It was probably founded in the fourteenth century, but already in the next century, it became abandoned and was beginning to fall into ruin.
In the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, there are numerous graves of soldiers from WW1 of the three clashing armies: the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian. The first well-maintained war cemeteries were established already in the years 1917-1918. The largest necropolis can be found in a small village near Żarki - Kotowice. 1500 soldiers from all the fighting army, mostly Russians, Austrians and Germans are buried here.
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