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Rybaczówka in Złoty Potok. The Old Hostel of the Polish Tatra Society

The building of Rybaczówka, erected in the interwar years, in 1935, served as a mountain hostel of the Polish Tatra Society until the end of the Second World War. It is associated with the trout farm of the Raczynskis, which was once the first trout farm in Europe. The building was put up at the initiative of Count Aleksander Raczyński, who was known as a passionate of tourism. The building, alternately devastated and renovated during the communist period and neglected in the years after the fall of communism, is waiting for its revitalization. Currently, it is being used by the Silesian Agricultural Advisory Center in Częstochowa and for tourism purpose.

Kościuszki 100
Złoty Potok
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
by the water, in the forest, in the country
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The restaurant is located in a city centre, in historic cellars of City Hall.
Złoty Potok
The trout farm in Złoty Potok is the oldest breeding farm in continental Europe. Ponds on the small river of Wiercica in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland were built by Count Edward Raczyński, the owner of the estate in Złoty Potok. Engineer Michał Girdwoyń, the best then a specialist was commissioned to design the ponds’ arrangement. In 1881, the first ponds were stocked with trout brought in from California in the United States.
Złoty Potok
The early medieval settlement “Wały” lies in the vicinity of Złoty Potok. It was a rock stronghold located in the highland. It consisted of a few parts. It was erected on a forested promontory above the Wiercica river valley. It was composed of three outer settlements and a central fortress protected by the earthworks. The site was inhabited from the eighth to the twelfth century. The red marked Trail of the Eagles' Nests runs in the vicinity of the remains of the settlement earthworks.
Złoty Potok
For centuries, water mills have been present in the Polish countryside. However, their time has gone, therefore, in the twenty-first century, we can admire only a few historic objects of this type. We will see a traditional mill in beautiful surroundings in Złoty Potok, in the Kraków-Częstochowa. The water mill “Kołaczew” was powered with the water of the Wiercica water from medieval times, but the present building is 200 years old. The machines use an electric engine.
The cave is located in the “Ostrężnik” nature reserve at the foot of a great pillar of rock, on top of which there are the remnants of a medieval castle.
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Złoty Potok
Welcome in picturesque location on Jura krakowsko-częstochowska There you will spend time as fairy land in beautiful natural circumstances of the Golden stream. Air-condition Kmicić on wynosłej Rock Park and Fifth Third Bank, joint Reserve stup offers you an unforgettable stay in this charming place. To your disposal well equipped with 84 places in rooms for 1, 2 and 3 persons and apartments
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Złoty Potok
W naszej smażalni ryb można zjeść pysznego smażonego pstrąga i karpia wraz z dodatkami. Mamy tutaj wodę źródlaną i mikroklimat alpejski, dlatego nasze ryby smakują wyśmienicie.
Pstrągarnia w Złotym Potoku jest najstarszym tego typu gospodarstwem hodowlanym na terenie Europy kontynentalnej. Stawy na rzeczce Wiercicy (Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska) zbudował hrabia Edward Raczyński, właściciel złotopotockiego majątku ziemskiego. Urządzenie stawów zlecił najlepszemu ówczesnemu specjaliście - inżynierowi Michałowi Girdwoyniowi. Pierwsze stawy zarybiono w 1881 roku pstrągami sprowadzonymi z Kalifornii w Stanach Zjednoczonych.
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