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Jura Marina

Marina Lesniow offer proposes: a Bistro offering traditional food in a self-service system and great pizza.
Rooms of high standard accommodation with the possibility to use wireless Internet.
Relaxation zone – we have a dry sauna and Jacuzzi with hydro massage.
Tourist point, where we offer excursion of the Jurassic, and vehicles, bike rental and ski trails and any information and assistance in the Organization of leisure time in the Jurassic period. We have tourist guides and maps of the area. Activities of the jury have also been described on our website in the section is worth seeing.
Support for pilgrimage groups, organized-we offer a variety of meals, suited to the budget of the group, or served in a self-service system. We offer travel kits-sandwiches, fruit, salads and sweet Leśniowskie specialities in packs of disposable, for convenient consumption continue their journey. We can also help in the positioning of jurajskiej tours-we work with licensed guides


Informacje ogólne
: bistro, coffee bar, kawiarnia, restauracja
: polska, regionalna, śródziemnomorska
: 693 848 847
: whole year

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Silesian Flavours Culinary Trail
The restaurant is located in a picturesque area of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland and offers traditional Polish, Jurassic an... więcej>>
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The restaurant is located in a city centre, in historic cellars of City Hall.
In the town of Żarki town located near Zawiercie, in the Polish Jura, one can find the Shrine of Our Lady of Leśniów, the Patroness of the Families. A miraculous statue of Our Lady with the Child is worshipped in the sanctuary. The statue is said to have been brought to Leśniów by Vladislaus II of Opole at the end of the fourteenth century. The sculpture adorns the main altar of the church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in whose neighborhood there is a monastery of the Pauline Fathers.
Muzeum Dawnych Rzemiosł to muzeum interaktywne – rodzaj parku technicznego. Elementy ekspozycji pozwalają na: dotykanie, zaglądanie, sprawdzanie, wąchanie itd. Zwiedzający będą mogli samodzielnie wykonywać drobne prace związane z rzemiosłami, zarówno podczas zwiedzania ekspozycji jak i w sali warsztatowej. Obiekt jest przystosowany do zwiedzania przez osoby niepełnosprawne.
In the small town of Żarki, located in the district of Myszków, in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, there is a unique group of dozens of historic barns. Built of limestone, the buildings lie in the eastern part of the town, close to the market popular across the region. They were built in the late 30s of the last century, on the site of the earlier wooden constructions, which had burned down in fires. In one of the barns a regular event called "Kupiecki Sąsiek”, which can be roughly translated as “merchant fair” is held.
The church of Saints Simon and Jude Thaddeus in Żarki was built in the early sixteenth century. In the early years of the eighteenth, it burned down, but was rebuilt (in a slightly amended form) thanks to the efforts of the Męciński family, the then owners. The church was again rebuilt in the years 1846-1847. Today, it is an Eclectic building with a tower covered with a Baroque dome. Inside, there is a Baroque high altar with the image of the Transfiguration.
In the nineteenth century Żarki, a small town in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland was largely inhabited by Jews. The new synagogue, standing at the current Moniuszki Street, has been preserved to this day. It was erected in the Moorish-Romanesque style in the second half of the nineteenth. During the Second World War, it was devastated, but not destroyed. Today, it houses a cultural center
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We are pleased to invite you to stay in our Jurassic rooms in Żarki. They are in a great location, on a quiet street, in the building that it's easy to enter the provincial road in the direction to Złoty Potok from road 793.
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